Benefit when people you know choose to study overseas

Are you an international student and know someone back home planning to follow in your international study footsteps? Enroly is a student referral hub where the friends, family members or colleagues you refer will be provided with free academic counselling and visa advice - in their home country. The best part, if you refer them and they enrol, we reward you with a referral payment fee! All you have to do is set up your Enroly account and start recommending people you know today.

The Enroly Dashboard

Signing up to Enroly and referring a friend will only take a few minutes. However, the process from university application to visa to enrolment, can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Keep track of the friends and family you refer during the application process with the Enroly dashboard. The dashboard displays the current stage of your friend's application in real time.

The stages of our application process

New - We have received your friend or family member's details and will make contact with them shortly

Contacted - We are in contact with your friend and are working to meet their study requirements

Application - We have commenced the university application process

Offer - Your friend has received an offer from a university

Accepted - Your friend has accepted an offer to study and has paid their tuition deposit

Visa - We have confirmed your friend has the required documents to travel - all set!

In Country - Your friend has enrolled at their university and your payment is confirmed

Unsuccessful - We have been unable to assist your friend and are no longer working with them

Safeguarding Enroly Students

Enroly is committed to providing an experience for international students that is both stress and risk free.

Where prospective international students choose to study is their choice, and should be based on personal specific preferences and life goals. Therefore we only connect students with representatives that have the capability to deliver on prospective students study need and requirements.

Our offshore representatives are fully vetted, trained and accredited by relevant industry bodies. Their performance reflects Enroly, and therefore we regularly spot check and audit our partners to ensure the highest standards are being met.

Representative partners are hand selected by the Enroly team, based on their quality, professionalism and integrity. We regular complete partner assessments based on the following criteria:

  • Industry recognition
  • Up to date University / Institution training
  • Visa success rate
  • Staff to student ratio
  • References and University / Institution partnerships
  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Fee free service for Enroly students

If you have any concerns regarding an Enroly representative please notify the team immediately by emailing

Quality Experience

We ensure that the people you refer receive the highest quality service and support during their application, visa and enrolment process. In most cases we will introduce them to visiting University representatives.

Be a Hero

Many recruitment agents charge large fees for their counselling and admission services, working with Enroly means all of those fees are waived! Saving money for your friend, family member or colleagues.

Be Rewarded

Many Universities invest significant sums of money trying to locate international students. We think it is only fair, that if you help us, we reward each of you with a with a referral fee of £110!

Can't find the answer to a question you have? Try our FAQ Page. Alternatively, send your question to