To unlock the potential of
peer-to-peer student recruitment

Through peer-to-peer technology we match international students with admissions help to suit their personal goals, giving them the best chance at success.




Current international students are the best source of your next cohort

Our independent research shows that each current international student has 2.4 future international students in their immediate network. These prospective students are often ready to take the first step but will hesitate due a lack of guidance, support and encouragement.



A peer to peer virtuous cycle

Our global referral program enables current international students to request education guidance for any friends they have back home they feel may need support.

By providing a safe and sanctioned pathway to these new students, we ensure they arrive at their chosen university trouble free and without interference.

Students that make use of our support are happier and many are relieved we were able to provide local assistance to meet their specific needs.

Of course the positive experience leaves students enthusiastic about the concept of studying overseas and much more willing to enourage their own friends to follow in their footsteps.


The Potential:

2 million students navigate the complex enrolment process each year

As an independent and institution-agnostic organisation, we are the only platform positioned to communicate with all prospective international students seeking overseas study- no matter the source country or destination.


Enroly is designed to meet EU General Data Protection Regulation standards

We are committed to the privacy of every student on our platform. We take a privacy-by-design approach to system development and employ industry leading encryption and security technologies.


" Enroly's peer-to-peer support system is an exciting innovation for international student recruitment.

The platform is also a great example of how technology can be used to drive efficiencies, and better outcomes for students and the sector. "

Mary Curnock Cook

Former Chief Executive Officer Of UCAS



The Enroly Team


Created For the Industry by industry veterans

With a combined 40+ years experience in the education industry, we understand the unique challenges and exciting potential that the international student recruitment space represents. Our knowledge forms the foundation of Enroly, a tool built from the ground up to improve the enrolment experience for institutions, their partners, and students around the world.


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