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United states of America

The USA is the study destination with everything. Forests to mountains, college towns to big cities, it can be anything you want it to be and more. American colleges have a very unique on-campus experience, students are enthusiastic and often leap head first into student life.

Number of university options: 4,583 (43 in world's top 100)
UG Tuition Fee Range: $12,000 to $35,000 per year USD
PG Tuition Fee Range: $20,000 to $50,000+ per year USD
Interesting Fact: STEM graduates are eligible for 29 month post study work visas

United Kingdom

The UK has a rich heritage of education and offers a wide range of universities from historic colleges to state of the art learning centers. London is a great destination if you want to be fully immersed in the culture of the city. But dont forget there are other parts of the UK that are just as good or better depending on your personality. Portsmouth or Leeds are great options, as are Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland.

Number of university options: 130 (12 in world’s top 100)
UG Tuition Fee Range: £10,000 to £38,000 per year GBP
PG Tuition Fee Range: £9,700 to £55,000 per year GBP
Interesting fact: In most cases, PG Degrees are only 1 year in duration vs. 1.5/2 years in other countries




Australia is a place of breathtaking beaches and expansive landscapes, it's no surprise the country has a thriving international student population. Whether it's the tropical climate of Brisbane, the metropolis of Sydney, or the coffee shops of Melbourne, every state offers high quality education that is respected around the world. 

Number of university options: 43 (7 in world’s top 100)
UG Tuition Fee Range: $15k to $33k per year AUD
PG Tuition Fee Range: $20k to $37K per year AUD
Interesting fact: Wifi was invented in Australia at Macquarie University in Sydney


Lush forests make way for snow peaked mountains in Canada, a place of pristine beauty. Vancouver is popular, but you may also like to look at the French-speaking provinces as a destination.  Perhaps a product of their environment, the people of Canada are warm and welcoming to students of all nations. They are, after all, ranked 5th in the world happiness rankings!

Number of university options: 96 (4 in world’s top 100)
UG Tuition Fee Average: $25,000 per year CAD
PG Tuition Fee Range: $16,000 per year CAD
Interesting fact: Toronto is most expensive for student living in Canada, although 30% cheaper than London, Sydney or New York (approximately)



A journey of Discovery

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