Refer a Friend Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Who should join Enroly's referral program?

Current international students

Who should I refer to Enroly?

Friends or family in your home country who are planning to study abroad, any course, anywhere in the world

What happens once I refer a student?

The Enroly team will contact the person you refer to find out how we can help and connect them with our trusted representative in their home country

How do I get my  reward?

When the student you refer enrols we will pay you £200 by paypal, bank transfer or pre-paid mastercard

Is there a limit to how many prospective international students I can refer?

There is no limit, however we suggest you only refer people you believe are serious about studying abroad

When will I receive my £200 reward?

Once the student you refer enrols in their chosen University and maintains their study through to census date (usually week 6 of semester)

What does the person I refer receive?

  • They will be connected with an expert international education consultant who can service and support their needs
  • They will receive support once they arrive at their study destination

How can I be assured that my friend will receive high quality support in their home country?

Enroly representatives located in your home country are fully vetted and approved by our team. We only work with the best and focus 100% of our time ensuring students receive impartial and high quality support and advice

Will Enroly let me know if they are unable to help?

Yes, we will notify you within one week if we are unable to assist the student you refer

Why do you pay £200 reward for my student referral?

Universities spend money on advertising to attract international students, your help means we don't need to spend that money on advertising and can instead offer you a reward to spend how you wish

Does it matter where / what my friend wants to study?

The students you refer can choose from any of our popular destination countries e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, UK and select from 500+ University options

Will I be paid for every student I refer?

You will be paid for every student you refer who successfully enrols e.g. if you refer 5 students and 3 enrol abroad, Enroly will pay you £600

What happens once I refer a prospective student?

The Enroly team may give you a call for more information and contact your friend to determine their study preferences and long term goals. We will then match your friend with a representative who can provide what they need.

I don't know where or what my friend wants to study, can I still refer them?

Yes, please complete the referral form and leave the preferences blank

How do I track the progress of the student I refer?

Once you have signed up to Enroly you can track every referral you make via our partner portal

What if I have another question?

Email us at, we will reply right away