Know someone planning to study overseas?

Refer your friend

Provide us with a few basic details so we can support your friend's enrolment

Follow their progress

Use our dashboard to view the current stage of your friend's application in real-time

Receive your reward

Upon enrolment choose from a number of reward options

Enroly connects students with trusted admission and visa support in their home country - for free

We ensure students receive the highest quality care during their application to enrolment process. With over 10 years' experience helping students study abroad, we understand the challenges.


Benefit from the world's largest network of advisors and universities

No matter the country or institution, Enroly gives each student their best chance at success. Our experienced advisors will accommodate their choice of country and institution, and introduce them to visiting university representatives.

Enroly takes the anxiety out of overseas study               

Whether it's the application and admissions process, visa paperwork, or booking travel and accommodation, Enroly takes care of all logistics and administration free of charge.


We reward for every student you recommend that enrols

Universities invest heavily in recruiting talented international students like you and your friends. If you recommend a great student to us you save us time and money. As an extra thank you, we also offer a reward to your friend!

Eeling's experience with Enroly

"Enroly gave me another source of income while I was studying abroad, not only did my friend get accepted to a school she wanted but we both got £110 out of it at the end of her application process"

Enroly Student Partner and studying at Northeastern University, Boston USA

Rachel's experience with Enroly

"Enroly helps universities help students, by making sure the students that choose to study abroad are set up for success from day one of the admission process."

Rachel MacSween
Head of Recruitment and the International Office, University of Strathclyde

Follow the progress of your friend's application with the Enroly dashboard

Enroly provides support to students from their initial decision to study right through to arrival at university. With the Enroly Dashboard you can follow your friend's progress with the confidence that they are steadily moving towards their study goal. As an international student you may wish to offer your own encouragement and guidance at each milestone!

Support your friend through to enrolment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Enroly's referral program?

Current international students

Who should I refer to Enroly?

Friends or family in your home country who are planning to study abroad, any course, anywhere in the world

What happens once I refer a student?

The Enroly team will contact the person you refer to find out how we can help and connect them with our trusted representative in their home country.

How do I get my reward?

When the student you refer enrols we will contact you to arrange delivery!

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